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  1. API TCS - The Channel Strip
    3.399,00 €
    The result of thoughtful engineering, The Channel Strip includes everything needed to record an audio signal. It all starts with the famed 512c Mic Preamplifier, which includes the benefit of additional Mic, Line or Instrument input switching. Next is the 527 multi-mode Compressor with fully adjustable Threshold, Attack, Release, and Ratio controls on detented pots. Saber más
  2. SPL Track One MKII
    949,00 €

    The new model 2960 brought a facelift to one of our best-selling products. Now the new SPL design represents the common origin of our channel strips Frontliner, Channel One and Track One.

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  3. Chandler Limited TG Channel MK II
    2.749,00 €
    The Chandler Limited Channel is a re-creation of several classic circuits and combines a TG2 pre amp section with an equalizer that was redesigned from the mastering counterpart to the original 'Beatles desks'. The active portions of the unit use t Saber más
  4. MindPrint ENVOICE MK II
    699,00 €
    En formato de un rack el Envoice es una pieza formidable integrada en Pre de micrófonos a tubo, ecualización paramétrica en los rangos medios y compresor por el mismo precio. 100% tecnología y fabricación alemana phantom power Instrument input Line Saber más
  5. MindPrint DTC Dual Tube Channel
    2.199,00 €
    Una pieza maestra para masterización ó cualquier procesamiento pre o post de señal esta maquina diseñada por total tecnología alemana para enriquecer todos aquellos armónicos perdidos en la grabación digital. Uso profesional. AKM 24 Bit converter A Saber más
  6. MindPrint DI-MOD 24/96
    359,00 €
    Modulo conversor dual analogico->digital y digital->analogico de 24bit, IN/OUT SPDIF (RCA), solo instalable en el ENVOICE y el T/COMP. Saber más
  7. AMS Neve 8801 Channel Strip
    2.749,00 €
    8801 Producer Pack / Channel Strip ( available November 2006) The sound of the legendary 88R console in a rack. The 8801 offers a classic Neve mic pre and the distinctive Neve EQ coupled with the incredible 88R style dynamics processor. The truly gr Saber más
  8. Digital Audio Service StudioKern 4000
    2.489,00 €
    Made from an original SSL 4000E Console, the Studiokern 4000 channel strip with mic pre, dynamics and eq brings the huge to SSL sound of the 80ties to the studios of today. All parts are original, no clones where used. The channel was carefully racke Saber más

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