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  1. VSL Special Edition Vol. 2
    335,00 €
    This Special Edition brings together the complete orchestra – and more – in an affordable Collection. It is the ideal, resource-saving companion for orchestral arrangements on the laptop, or for newcomers to the world of Vienna Instruments, offering Saber más
  2. VSL Vienna Key
    24,60 €
    VSL Vienna Key, USB Dongle for authorisation of the Vienna Virtual Instruments Para obtener más información, visite la página del producto. Saber más
  3. VSL Symphonic Cube Full
    4.299,00 €
    The dream of the SYMPHONIC CUBE has come alive. This collection of ten Virtual Instruments (VIENNA INSTRUMENTS) has been specially designed by the Vienna Symphonic Library to orchestrate vast numbers of samples with an elegance and simplicity never s Saber más
  4. MusicLab RealStrat
    133,00 €

    RealStrat - sample-based virtual instrument with an innovative approach to guitar sound modeling and guitar techniques emulating on a standard MIDI keyboard. RealStrat provides incredible playability based on the unique performance modes and easy-to

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  5. ProjectSAM SAM Orchestra Brass Classic
    118,00 €

    ORCHESTRAL BRASS CLASSIC is the re-issue of the most respected symphonic brass series on the sample market: SAM Horns, SAM Trombones, SAM Trumpets and SAM Solo Sessions. Known for its ambient, cinematic sound, PROJECTSAM ORCHESTRAL BRASS CLASSIC is t

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  6. VSL Special Edition Vol. 1 Plus
    279,00 €
    This DVD collection is the ideal expansion to the Vienna Special Edition and offers new articulations for all string, brass and woodwind instruments included in the Special Edition Standard and Extended Libraries. All users of the Vienna Special Edit Saber más
  7. Waldorf Largo
    149,00 €
    Many producers and synthesizer enthusiasts asked for a full-blown Waldorf Synthesizer for their virtual rack. Largo is the first pure software synthesizer with Waldorf DNA. And again – it is the cutting edge sound that makes the big difference. No w Saber más
  8. ProjectSAM Symphobia
    549,00 €

    SYMPHOBIA is everything you have been missing in your orchestral palette - immersive ENSEMBLE MULTI-SAMPLES attained by true ensemble recordings and intense CINEMATIC EFFECTS, all available in a rich selection of combinations and articulations. Wit

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  9. VSL Harps Standard
    150,00 €
    Instrumento virtual de VSL dedicado a las Arpas. Harp 1, incluye notas individuales y una gran colección de glissandos. Todas las escalas están disponibles en tono mayor y menor y en diferentes tempos y rangos de tonos para asegurar la máxima flexi Saber más

Artículos 1-10 de 123

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