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  1. Avalon ST-4
    119,00 €
    tube set for VT 700 series 4x 6922 tubes - matched Para obtener más información, visite la página del producto. Saber más
  2. Little Labs IBP Analog Phase Alignment Tool / DI
    779,00 €
    line/instrument selects between the line level xlr input on the rear (unity gain) and when pushed in the instrument in on the front (hi Z 10M with gain) for using as a direct box. Earth lift lifts the ground (pin 1)of the output xlr. Phase adjust bypass does just that, bypassing all phase adjust circuitry and allows you to use the IBP without phase adjust, as an active DI or when using the line input, a transformer isolated line driver. Saber más
  3. Little Labs IBP Junior Analog Phase Alignment Tool
    519,00 €
    This IBP Junior was designed to put the power of phase control in the palette of the creative audio engineers hand. Although most mixers and preamps have a phase-reverse switch, a simple 180-degree change in a signal's polarity may be more phase change than you need in a particular situation. Saber más
  4. Little Labs Redeye 3D
    339,00 €
    The Red Eye 3D Phantom is a passive direct box/re-amp box with unique expansion capabilities. The high quality passive direct box in the Red Eye features phase reverse and earth lift. By a push of a button the Red Eye converts into a re-amp box with its own input and output connectors. The re-amp in the Red Eye features earth lift, phase reverse, and level control. Saber más
  5. Little Labs PCP Instrument Distro
    1.499,00 €
    The PCP Instrument Distro signal splitter, router and DI is a master of many trades and could easily be an integral part of a personal studio that tracks live instruments. Saber más
  6. Fostex UR-2
    1.349,00 €

    The Fostex UR-2 is a single rack-space, 2-track recorder with two SD card slots plus a USB host connector. It offers continuous 'Chain Play' recording/playback among the different media, for the recording of long productions, lectures, services, rehe

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Artículos 11-20 de 57

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